Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Welfare State is Cheaper Than Reform


So we are told that all Labour, save about a dozen MPs, supported the Tory and Lib Dem policy of a welfare cap.

At the same time, the British Catholic church again has observed the huge growth of children coming to school hungry and the kids themselves needing to go to food banks, from families in work, that are fully half of all the benefits bill.

With the welfare cap, the Bedroom Tax pushes more and more people into rent arrears to the council, so the tax costs more than it gathers as not even 6 per cent have moved to smaller homes, because there are not any. Long ago sold on by councils and developers could not rent or sell homes of only 1 or 2 bedroom, so these were not built.

Meanwhile, the taxpayer pays the bedroom tax of politicians, by around £20,100 each year for MP's second home.

And pensioners are liable for Bedroom Tax if one of the partners is below the retirement age, which was raised by the Pension Bill, so losing women especially from 2013, around £137.53 per week (and Pension Credit of around £35 and Winter Fuel Allowance of £200 per year), with this resulting in a total loss over 6 years of around £43,000.

Far worse is to come with the Flat Rate Pension from April 2016, which leaves millions with nil income in old age forever, that even take away a small £66 pension per week to someone turning 80 in 2016.

Click Here to see if you lose most or all of your state pension
realising that from April 2016 Pension Credit and SERPs and S2P end:


As we had an age of prosperity immediately after the Second World War, when the welfare state began, right up til near the modern age of the 1970s, it can only be concluded that doing Austerity in a recession and the cost of Welfare Reform is actually bringing the nation closer to a Greek economic fate.

 The Coalition having spent more in last 4 years than Labour spent in last 13 years.

Labour began welfare reform when Blair came to power, invented the Bedroom Tax and brought Atos into welfare. So whatever deaths may be happening now under the Coalition, is also the fault of  Labour, in any judgement from history in the future.

As 47 Labour MPs failed to vote against the Bedroom Tax, including the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, then Labour is as much to blame for that tax as the Coalition, as the vote was lost by just 26 votes.


- Revoke Welfare Reform Act

- Revoke Pension Bill and Flat Rate Pension 2016

- Citizen Wage for all adult citizens £1,750 per month

- Full State Pension at 60 for all citizens of £15,000

- Basic Tax Allowance £14,000 from 18 til 59

- Tax Allowance at 60 of £15,500

- Winter Fuel Allowance of £500 for winter 2015/2016

- End all welfare admin by automatic Citizen Wage

- End Department of Work and Pensions by having the Automatic Citizen Wage

- End Atos and all the other private contracts in welfare admin / assessments, themselves abolished

- Citizen Wage for all save politicians, in work or not, just as the state pension payout can be paid yet you continue in work or find other work

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