Friday, 14 March 2014

So-Called Well Off Pensioners - More Tax, Less Help


Winter Fuel Allowance was cut by £100 down to £300 and has stayed there for years, despite the massive hikes in energy bills.

But there are a group of people caught between Welfare and Pension Reform.

Women aged 60-66 have lost state pension payout at 60 and so cannot access Winter Fuel Allowance.

With Welfare Reform, many such women are having cuts to benefits, such as the cut to part time workers of housing benefit if they fail to gain a full time job.

As the minimum wage of around £6.50 is far below a living wage of £7.65 (£8.80 in London), the cap on household benefit has effected 80 per cent  of women and only 20 per cent of men.

Without a NI credit history in last two tax years, a British citizen cannot access benefit if their money is above the threshold of £71 per week, yet this sum is below the Social Charter of £138 per week.

EU work migrants gain benefits with no NI credit history, as well as pension credit, as well as a government paid for advocate, which funding has been lost to citizens.

Women are generally poorer than men and so benefits and tax credits are an average of 2/5ths of women's income, whereas for men it makes up only a 10th of their money.


- Grant full state pension at 60 to women, in or out of work, without requiring retirement from work and irrespective of NI credit history to citizens.

- Basic Tax Allowance £14,000

- Tax Allowance at 60 of £15,500

- No benefit to EU work migrants. Return to own nation to gain benefits from own nation. Work migrants must be self-funding. No Pension Credit to EU work migrants, nor disability benefits.

- Free Elder care in your own home, not means tested.

- Free childcare within Education Budget, so helping grandmother with some of the days of looking after grandkids.

- Minimum wage would be a living wage for all ages.

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