Friday, 30 May 2014

Ed Miliband Sees England Through American Eyes


Labour Leader Ed Miliband's source of political news is through the American news site Real Clear World and not British newspapers or TV news. 

And in one Daily Telegraph article listed on the Real World site relied on for news by Labour Leader Ed Miliband, is the phrase:
..."There is also much fury at abuses of the welfare state" ...

The welfare state is believed by the right wing to include the state pension, when UK's state pension is funded directly by contributions to the full ring fenced National Insurance Fund, that has not needed a top up from tax for decades.

Despite all the hype about people living longer, this has had not one effect on the NI Fund, as the government cannot empty the state pension fund because it is not a tax, which is what is meant by ring fenced.

So there is no reason to raise the state pension payout age (nothing to do with law about mandatory retirement age) in the UK, as it has not saved one penny in tax and so has no place under Austerity.

There are no articles in the American news site Real Clear World, that Mr Miliband relies on for political news, that welfare reform is abolition of the welfare state in England and is causing starvation sufficient to be admitted to hospital or that the vulnerable are committing suicide or dying soon after being deemed fit for work. 

The bougeoisie view that the welfare state was being abused by 100 per cent of able bodied in and out of work and the disabled and chronic sick of whatever age, is throughout the political website that Ed Miliband relies on for news information.


Through the original newsfeed of Buzzfeed, we learn that Labour Leader Ed Miliband does not read British newspapers or watch British news on television.

What Labour Leader Ed Miliband learns about England is through what his aides tell him, he informed us.

And Ed Miliband is also currently reading the left wing French economist Thomas Piketty, that is just about how much of a nation's wealth has been held by the rich, and not how many people starved in poverty by what a government policy does.

The Daily Mail aimed at Mr Miliband's aides with the article:
Revolt over Ed Miliband’s £20k bill to take an ‘army of aides’ on trip to Middle East

And so did The Sun with their allegation:
Ed aide has no work permit
Labour's US poll guru faces probe call

And again within The Daily Mail article:
Ed is losing England, says top aide

... "Mr Miliband studied politics at Oxford and then became a special adviser. 'It's not about whether you know the price of a pint of milk or whether you can eat a sandwich properly,' ... 'But it is about having some understanding of people's lives.'
Read more:

With a final comment to the article that said... "Oh how I wish it were England that is losing Ed. I'm sure his brother can find him a place near him in America." ...


So a snapshot of the World page on Real World Politics news site, today, shows very few articles on England.

With few about Labour.


So this is at odds to the rest of the buzzfeed article which informed:
..."Ed Miliband was in Nottingham last Tuesday when a man approached him to say that his part-time job at a petrol station wasn’t paying enough to take care of two children. This is an anecdote of the sort Miliband is always telling in his campaign to lower Britain’s cost of living, but what the man said next was “chilling.”

“He was really, really desperate because he felt couldn’t properly provide for his family,” Miliband recalls. “He was thinking of ending it all because he just couldn’t make ends meet."
And near the end of the article says:
... "In the course of a 45-minute interview, conducted in a packed standard class carriage, Miliband told BuzzFeed why he’s convinced that the cost of living crisis is still very real despite the economic recovery, why he eschews 24-hour TV news in favour of Thomas Piketty, and how he’s come to understand why decent people would vote UKIP." ...

What on earth do the 13 million in the UK who struggle to make ends meet each day, according to Oxfam, care about the so-called economic recovery.
As Gandhi observed, People's Politics Are Their Daily Bread.
Indeed, the banned TUSC party broadcast for the May 22 council elections would have been a revelation to all but Mr Miliband who does not watch the news here in England.
See the video on my pretend party (made to protect my petition from the coming gagging law) The Swans' home page

Monday, 26 May 2014

How to Pay National Debt and Feed Everyone At Same Time?


With the constant massive waste of taxpayers' money by the billions on welfare reform aka end of the welfare state, Austerity has never happened.

Welfare reform has cost more by the billions, so there cannot be a national debt or else we would have gone the way of Greece long ago.

People over 60 are not listed in the unemployment statistics, yet are just as liable for the slavery of Workfare and benefit sanctions as all ages, even when equally disabled and/or chronic sick and losing those benefits as well.

Pensioner groups believe that the loss of payout of women's state pension at 60 and men at 65, is because the National Insurance Fund has been emptied to pay the national debt.

The full National Insurance Fund is ring fenced only for state pensions and has not needed a top up from tax for decades.

This despite all the hype of more people living to 100 than ever before. In fact, people living longer has had not one effect on the viability of the state pension at all.

The National Insurance Fund is not a tax, so government cannot empty the Fund, whjich is what is meant by the term 'ring fenced'.

If the Fund was empty, how come women MPs kept pension payout at 60 from 2012, when we, the public, lost the payout for 6 years from 2013.

Worse is to come from 2016, leaving many women, and a lot of men, with nil benefits and no state pension for food and fuel money forever.


SY.RIZ.A won in Greece in the Euro Elections. 

Why the dots? 

Because SY.RIZ.A is a coalition of many socialist little parties into one big party, with an excellent speaker as their leader.

SY.RIZ.A is the official opposition in parliament in Greece.

The new socialist parties now would do better to begin a charm offensive to wean Labour and The Greens councillors to leave those parties and join the new socialist parties, as sitting councillors.

If a sitting Labour or Green MP can be turned to the real socialists even better.

The socialists might better call themselves the Anti Hunger Party and set up shop in empty shops on the high streets, many of which have been empty since the recession hit.

As Gandhi observed, People's Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

If all the new little socialist parties just merged all their manifestos and became just one party that by bulk sourcing fed those on benefit, sanctioned off benefit, poor pensioners and the working poor, then they might just turn current politicians to them?


Might it be asked of the new socialist parties to all agree on offering when come to power in 2015, as a single merged party of you all:

1) Ending current welfare admin by benefits and sanctions. Saves tens of billions of pounds. For working poor, unemployed, pensioners, disabled or chronic sick. 

2) Shutting down that part of Department of Work and Pensions about benefits and shutting down all the Jobcentres. (Don't worry managers will easily find other work, and basic grade staff will be absorbed in other frontline services). 

3) Pay state pension at 60 to men and women, whether they stay in or retire from work. 

4) Back-date pension payout, as a tax free lump sum, to women who began their loss of state pension payout from 2013 (only 530,000 women til end 2014) at the current state pension rate. And to men from 65.

5) Pay the increased state pension back-linked to average wages from 2015 by monthly pension to new and current claimants, whether in work or retired, and whatever level of NI Fund contributions in life. 

6) Start as new claimants paying state pension to men at 60, from April 2015, whether retire or remain in work.

7) End all benefits sanctions regime, assessments, fit for work etc ad nauseum that cause starvation in adults and children. 

8) Pay a universal citizen wage to all adults from 18, in or out of work, not means tested so minimal admin, til 60.

9) End all green taxes on energy bills, so halving the bill and so ending fuel poverty.

10) End all subsidy on the private profit making nuclear power and all other forms of power generation. 

11) Nationalise all utilities and profit will then be called self-funding. 

12) Use off the peg technologies to make all big buildings, towns and even the roads self-generating in electricity, so massively cutting the cost of energy to people and business. 

13) Sewerage and water can also generate electricity. 

14) Nationalised landfill can generate electricity and make methane gas so no need for fracking. 

15) Energy from waste provides jobs and electricity to towns. 

16) Bring law on minimum wage to a living wage, requiring firms to cut management costs to make viable.

17) Make non-citizen migrant and citizen equal in living wage in law. 

18) End House of Lords, soon to grow to 2000 Peers on expenses, and sell the building for luxury serviced apartments (only if rented out, not left empty to fall derelict).

19) Bring all empty homes back into use with micro finance. Cap rents. Luxury homes bought and left to fall derelict in London, seized by the state for social housing. 

20) Rise 5 per cent the threshold before higher Income Tax rate to the squeezed middle.

21) Rise 5 per cent the Income Tax for those on highest Income Tax rate.

22) No zero corporation tax. 

23) No old peoples' homes charging as much as a 5 star hotel. The elderly looked after at home with rise in purple jobs - carers. 

24) End Council Tax and just share out tax to councils all become unitary councils, without all the multiple layers of councils. Cut councillor numbers to one per ward. 

Socialist parties with a lot of candidates in last council election 2014 were:

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (only exists during elections)
TUSC gained 50,000 votes this council elections. Candidates and TUSC members, included union members: PCS (civil servants unions), RMT (railway union), National Union of Teachers, Fire Brigade union, Prison Officers union, UNITE and UNISON.

Left Unity Party

Mebyon Kernow of Cornwall

Book: Mebyon Kernow and Cornish Nationalism: A Concise History

Friday, 23 May 2014

Banned Video of Real Socialists - Might have brought real hope to millions


Yet to get any interest at all from any party, in payout of state pension at 60 for women lost since 2013, and kept by women MPs (including Labour and The Greens who both express total lack of interest in the topic) since 2012.

See if you lose most or all of your state pension from any current political party and law bills passed or due in 2016:

To clarify, there is no point in me belonging to any political party as I am too brassic, old, disabled, too ill now (more like rip van winkle syndrome in tiredness from illness) and no party offers me and 530,000 women like me since 2013, our women's state pension at 60.

More council election results about socialist parties on me personal website THE SWANS on May 22 and the truths said by TUSC, including being the only party who have ever said:
State pension is not a generous gift from government 
to be withdrawn at whim,
but deferred wages from our youth.
From a ring fenced National Insurance Fund full for decades, not needing a top up from tax, after people paid 12 per cent of their wage all their working lives in NI contributions, along with their boss paying their share.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Who Are The Swans?


During last and this year, the gagging law that ends petitions and charitable campaigns 12 months before an election (there is always some local or national election going on) was a piece of legislation coming into force at an unknown date.

It is believed now the gagging law will come into force in September 2014 (oddly just in time for the Scotland Independence Referendum on 18 September 2014).

What the gagging law means, is that petitions are deemed to be political, even if not done by a political party and just by people.

So I wrote up, as a piece of creative writing, a whole new political party and called it The Swans new party, as a protective 'shell' for my petition:

The Swans new party has no formal sign up with the Electoral Commission and no costs, as you do not need it if you are not going to field candidates for an election.

But The Swans new party also made it possible for me to have a Google Blog as well.


The website 38 Degrees (itself threatened by the gagging law from September) is a petition website, with 2.5 million members.

From blogs / forums came across and signed Anne Keen's petition to revoke the Pension Bill and give women their state pension at 60 and men at 65 now.

As the rise in retirement age effects me, taking my house bills money that now is being paid by fast disappearing little bit of savings, then reading up about pensions was of very great interest me.

I fast realised that revoking the Pension Bill was not enough, although it would have helped the 530,000 women who have lost payout of state pension at 60 from 2013 and to end 2014, like me.

Worse is to come to those women who are not 60 til after April 2016,

As well as women like me those not being paid their state pension from 2013 by the raised retirement age (and men not gaining their state pension at 65 now).

The Flat Rate Pension 2016 and other pension changes, directly effects men and women, meaning many will be left with no money in old age at all.

The Flat Rate Pension is not more pension, but less, even to the only 30 per cent who will get the flat rate of all retiring after April 2016.

The rise in retirement age means those who had been coming up to retirement were pushed past 2016 for state pension payout.

The Flat Rate Pension ends Pension Credit, SERPs and State Second Pension. This is a substantial cut, not a rise in state pension.

You can get your state pension payout without having to retire from work.

The retirement age rise put extra burden on your wages (12 per cent per year National Insurance as well as your 20 per cent tax band) as well as struggling firms in a recession, whilst losing women around £40,000 of state pension payout for 6 years, forever. So paying more, for less.

The raised retirement age saves no money to government at all, because it does not come from general taxation, but from the ring fenced National Insurance Fund that has been well funded for decades.

For many women and a lot of men, the Flat Rate Pension ends the state pension altogether.


Within my petition are many other things other than the Pension Bill and the Flat Rate Pension, important those bills are to ending state pension provision for many.

It includes the loss of women's state pension as housewives, widows or divorcees altogether meaning nil money, as also those with 10 years or less National Insurance credit history will get no state pension at all.

This means also means no Pension Credit or Winter Fuel Allowance either. Nor Cold Weather Payments as these women may not get benefit either.

Artist Beany Mac asked that this poster be shared as much as possible


This is what Austerity means.

England has 80 per cent of Austerity Cuts yet to come.

Even from Labour, as proved by Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor, saying again and again that Labour will just continue Tory spending plans and be even harder on welfare reform than even the Tories, as all mainstream parties have lumped the state pension in with welfare.

Labour sacks Labour councillors if they vote against cuts budgets in a council.

The Greens did Austerity in the one council they rule, Brighton, a town with poor students, working poor and poor pensioners in its centre and in its suburbs.

The Greens are the green taxes that are half your energy bills and 60 per cent of your petrol bill.

As neither Labour and The Greens offer the old anything other than continuing hunger and freezing in our own homes, then looked about me to see other parties that could help all ages.

Because it is the over 60s who shop in town centres, and so the payout of state pension would have contributed to keeping young peoples' jobs in the high street, now more and more just ghost towns.


Labour and The Greens will just continue the meteoric rise in use of UK food banks, themselves a cruel irony of just 3 vouchers in a year, because elsewhere in the world local councils / charities canteens together offer 7 days a week a free cooked meal and hot drink to mostly the working poor and poor pensioners, as well as the far fewer minority of unemployed / homeless of all ages.

And the people going to food banks are not just the mere 3 per cent of the benefits bill that is the unemployed, sanctioned off food money altogether.

The majority of people going to food banks are those in work and poor pensioners, who themselves are within the working poor.

Half women aged 60-66 are within the working poor, losing benefits to top up flat-lined wages back down to levels of 2002 as to cost of living.

The majority of women aged 60-66 who are not in work is due to being disabled / chronic sick and those benefits being lost, just as the state pension was also removed. So what happens to you if accident or illness takes you out of even minimum wage work? 


My website seeks socialism to win in 2015 general election, so that hunger ends in England.

And my website promotes a Yes Campaign for a Free Scotland, to also save the Scots, but especially the disabled, chronic sick and the elderly from austerity obsessed London.

Many things we take for granted today and being lost more and more each day now, are down entirely to socialism alone.

As today is May Day in England, here is a reminder on the gratitude we owe socialism and the different real socialist parties available to vote for on May 22, in my blog on what is socialism:

Not least, only socialism gave women the right to be human to the state, instead of having no rights other by permission of men and being sub-human in law.

We can see this prejudice of women still, in a male dominated government, by all the losses in tax and benefit changes that have hit women the most.

See my blog about How Women are Taxed More and Get Less:

Sorry UKIP is on my website but that again is strategic voting, as UKIP is taking Labour voters, which shows how lacking in socialism the Labour party is now. As no real socialist would vote UKIP instead.