Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ensuring London's Parliament Saves Your Life in 2015


There are several little real socialist parties in England, at the moment all separate, failing to get themselves together so as to get in 350 MPs into London's parliament in 2015 general election.

Either as a single party of merged political parties or a coalition of most or all.

We await to see if they actually care about the citizens of this country to do just that?


But the real socialists winning the next general election is not enough.

Facing the socialists across the floor of the House of Commons, the London parliament that runs the UK, would be a political party of the current ones that are all right wing, that would try to thwart any return of the welfare state, that offers you any hope of survival into the future.

Only you can bring about The Swans new party, that by making inroads into UKIP and Tory heartlands, as well as Labour, would form a government or opposition, that would ensure that the Welfare State returns.

All the current political class believe in Austerity and Welfare and Pension Reform, that is especially hitting women, who tend to be poorer on average than men.

No socialist party has expressed any interest in pensioners.

The Swans would be the best party in the UK in history for pensioners and for those aged 60 and above.

The Swans would revoke the Pension Bill (all of them) and the Flat Rate Pension 2016 that deprives people of any income in old age forever.

Click here to see if you lose most or all of your state pension:


The socialists know they would not gain the votes of those over 60, and yet these are the majority of voters left in the UK.

The young and many of the squeezed middle do not bother to come out to vote, even if they are on the electoral vote and so have a right to vote.

The Swans would offer something to the squeezed middle, in which are a lot of pensioners and women aged 60 since 2013.

The socialists would bring the poor, unemployed and homeless young into voting, as Gandhi observed, People's Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

In amongst the squeezed middle are people who struggle to pay the food bill for the family, because of the huge rise in the cost of living.

It is not enough to freeze energy bills.

The Swans would immediately half the bill by ending green taxes.

The socialists will realise that it is the poorest in society that are burdened the most by green taxes, which have not really brought a low energy community.

The Swans would end all the subsidy of profit making wind, tidal, wave and end building new nuclear power plants. Instead, there is off the peg technology already available to make homes, towns, businesses, industry and government building self generating in electricity and share the electricity not used. So bringing down the cost of electricity to next to nothing.

Even vehicles driving along a road could power the street lights.

No more landfill, that all become nationalised energy from waste so nothing goes to waste, but energy regained for a second time.

Between the Swans and the socialists, we would end the threat to life to you and your family, friends, colleagues, and fellow vulnerable and poor in society, that include the 30,000 elderly who die from preventable freezing in their own homes.

The Swans new party

Only you can make the Swans a reality. Do it today and help make London's parliament the first one in history that is about the people and not some remote elite, who have never lived our lives.

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