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Again and Again Who The Poor Are is Not The Truth.


We are told that because people are rich, then the poor suffer.

It is not the rich who make guidelines and laws.

It is politicians in government.

A recent think tank tells us that the 100 wealthiest people have as much money as the poorest 18 million, 30 per cent of the population.

So what?

No rich man or woman can pass a law in parliament. Only an MP.

Would anyone care if welfare and pension reform was not adding to UK's national debt that could bring down UK's economy, as it did with the Weimar Republic before Germany's fall into dictatorship and war, and causing starvation, evictions and even death?

The rich know history and that is why they had an idea called Noblisse Oblige.

Our MPs know this term and know they are in breach of it, big time.

The Roman Emperors knew to feed the people every day.

What do top pay rates matter, when it is government that imposes a minimum wage in the UK that is far below a living wage, whilst MPs enjoy over £70,000 a day in expenses?

Are the rich imposing Austerity?


It is government destroying the economy and business, causing big companies to go bust, losing jobs by the tens of thousands at whatever income level, by government doing Austerity in a recession.

It is politicians who are getting richer and richer at the taxpayers expense, from whatever income level taxpayers, whilst causing evictions, and leaving people to starve and freeze.

Yet think tanks say people cannot afford houses, because a few people can afford to buy three.

Does this include social enterprise housing associations?

Building firms who built housing estates and then sell them to individuals?

Or a few individuals in self-employment, renovating derelict houses to sell or rent on?

Or the council taking on abandoned empty homes?



Think tanks also keep pandering to the mindset that all the poor are but one set of people, that is the biggest lie of them all.

Only second to that of the poor not being taxpayers, when we are super taxpayers of up to 90 per cent taxation rate, in or out of work and however long we live, from the 75 per cent of personal taxation from Indirect Taxes and VAT, even on food.

These two beliefs are why the squeezed middle believe in welfare reform, when, in fact, they also are being hammered by ever more wealthy politicians, if they but knew it.


Only about 1 per cent of UK's population are within the criminal underclass (mostly related to each other, than just a class), yet welfare reform is supposed to bring about a surge in crime.

But crime is suffered more by the poor from the criminal underclass, who have far more money from their nefarious activities than honest folk.

Murders happen mostly between people who know each other, and the vast majority are gang related around illicit drugs.

Poverty is not a reason for murder or crime.

All income levels commit crime or kill each other.

Poor are said to have greater risk of mental ill health, as if the rich have not.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from workplace bullying is just as much a mental health problem to someone in a well paying job, as money worries from benefit loss cause in the poorest. Both can result in heart failure or suicide from clinical depression or PTSD.

The poor are not the 0.03% criminals in amongst the unemployed, depicted by such think tanks.

About 97 per cent of the poor are:


The bulk of Pensioners suffering Pension and welfare reform, with a rate of around 30,000 preventable deaths a year from freezing in unheated homes.

Women deprived state pension (and so works pension payout) at 60, whilst women MPs within ten years of 60 kept the pension payout.


Working poor, that includes half of women aged 60-66 who have also lost state pension payout from 2013
Click here see if you lost most or all of your state pension


From the squeezed middle down to the poorest pensioner, sanctioned working poor, disabled / chronic sick lost benefit, women are the biggest losers.

Majority of austerity job cuts in public sector are to women, from the million jobs lost by 2018.

As women tend to be poorer than men, benefits are a bigger part of women's income.

The squeezed middle women have lost far more than men in tax and tax credits reform, as raising tax allowances does not really deal with most women's income levels.

This shows our political class is mostly men, writing law as if back in the stone age when women had no money of their own by law and custom.

Up til now women's pension age was 60, but the age related tax allowance above the basic did not start til 65, so overtaxed for 5 years of retirement in relation to men. Now everyone has lost the tax allowance at 65 from 2013.


A single woman not sharing accommodation costs with a partner.

Hit by Bedroom tax when most 1 and 2 bedroomed social housing long ago sold under right to buy.

Lost All of Council Tax Benefit.

Housing Benefit Cap when rents not controlled by the state or by the market.

Aged late 50s.

Disabled and Chronic Sick, lost all benefits, no ability to work, especially if over 45.

No state pension at 60.

Sanctioned off Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support and Employment and Support Allowance.

Lost Disability Living Allowance or waiting days, weeks or even months for Personal Independent Payments.

Told £71 per week benefit is enough to live off, when Council of Europe says UK is in breach of the formula set out under international treaty law for rate of benefit and state pension, and should be nearer £138 per week.

Austerity job cut from public sector, early retired small works pension that is above the £17 per week level but below the Social Charter rate of £138 per week.

If not in work or on benefit last two tax years, lose right to benefit at contribution based level, even if a lifetime of NI contribution in work.

Contribution based benefit is taxed at source, even if thousands of pounds below the basic tax allowance.

A housewife with less than 10 years NI credit in her own right, late 50s, who will not gain the 60 per cent of her husband's NI contributions as a state pension in her own right from 2016.

If said housewife has been working poor below 14 hours per week / paid £109 per week in each part-time job, has zero NI credit history, as not collected together, as is your tax affairs.

From 2016, said housewife will not inherit her husband's state pension. RESULT - ZERO STATE PENSION.

Working poor men and women, however many part-time jobs, if all are below 14 hours per week / pay £109 or less per week. RESULT - ZERO NI CREDIT HISTORY - ZERO STATE PENSION AND BENEFITS.


- Minimum Wage would be a living wage for all ages.

- End of Income Tax and National Insurance (lowest paid workers pay 20 per cent income tax plus 12 per cent National Insurance equals 32 per cent tax rate - yet losing benefits on top of that).

- Social rents capped to minimum wage.

- Automatic Citizen Wage to disabled / chronic sick by medical diagnosis alone, without all the welfare reform and its admin costing billions of pounds of taxpayers' funds.

- Free nursery care within the Education Budget for all who want it.

- Automatic Citizen Wage to unemployed (saves billions and is, after all, less than 3 per cent of benefits bill).

- The end of employer's costs of employing staff, generates more jobs and pays for a living wage for all.

- More VAT and indirect sales taxes on luxury goods, as the rich are not so price conscious.

- Energy bills halved by end of green tax levy that hits the poorest hardest, and by fuel poverty that kills.

- Revoke Pension Bill, Flat Rate (Single Tier) Pension 2016, Welfare Reform Act, and citizens not having right to benefit and state pension, when EU Migrants have rights to benefit and pension credit with zero NI credit history.

- Everyone is fed and housed.

- No need of Tribunals and Appeal Courts around benefits, so closed down. Saves millions in admin and judges' costs.

- No private contracts in welfare admin, complete overhaul of Department of Works and Pensions.

- Shut all Jobcentres and turn into daily soup kitchens and meals on wheels service for housebound pensioners and disabled.

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