Tuesday, 25 March 2014

No Under-25s Homeless by Citizen Wage of £1,750 For All


Ageism is stoked up against pensioners, whilst politicians cut funding to basic help for the under-25s.

Beliefs take root that the 2 million over-65s with assets over £1 million do not need Winter Fuel Allowance.

When just about every house in London is that sale price.

Even the squeezed middle cannot afford the massive inflation in energy bills, with fully half the bill being tax.

This is why there are 30,000 preventable deaths by the old each winter in the UK. More than any other European nation with much colder winters. 

And the young left to sleep rough in winter, sanctioned off benefits with no Cold Weather Payments. 

We are all in the same boat.


Everyone is being bashed of all ages, so politicians can get ever wealthier, living a life of privilege and almost aristocratic lifestyle paid for by every adult in the land.

Because whether unemployed under-25 or pensioner with a £1 million house but not even £10 money left a month after all the bills are paid, we all pay tax by the 75 per cent of personal taxation that comes from Indirect Taxes and VAT, even on food. 


Welfare Reform is taking from pensioners just as much from funding to help the under-25s.

Pension Reform means from 2013:

  • the wife's state pension is not paid out, 
  • the wife cannot then claim Winter Fuel Allowance, 
  • the rise in retirement age means because wife below 66, their home is hit by the Bedroom Tax
  • the husband is taxed more by the loss of £3000 extra tax allowance above the basic at 65 from 2013 when someone over 70 needs to heat a room 24/7 to 70F, 
  • and the wife may indeed lose all her state pension for life, from changes coming in 2016 for new claimants and be unable to inherit her husband's state pension as his widow
The Grandparents of the under-25s have had loads of cuts to their care and hear government bodies saying to ration treatment and medication to pensioners and unemployed alike, as not in work. 

So we are all equally under attack by welfare reform.

The Flat Rate Pension from 2016 will leave millions, especially women, with nil income in old age forever. 

Even a pension for those reaching 80 from 2016 will be lost.

See if your relatives between 60-66 lose most or all state pension.
This effects you even if under-25 now, on into the future for you and your children and grandchildren, as well a loss of money into the economy to generate jobs.


To the four million under-25s not registered to vote, there is as much reason not to vote as by those 60 and over in the UK today. 

No party really cares about us, no matter what age. 

All current political parties believe in Austerity and Welfare Reform within which is pensioner bashing, which deepens recession and is against what governments should be doing when business suffers in an economic downturn. 

Ed Balls was one of 47 Labour MPs who failed to turn up to vote down the Bedroom Tax, which vote was lost by just 26 votes, that effects young and old alike.

The Swans offer:

  • Citizen Wage £1,750 a month to all ages, whether in work or not

  • Social housing with rents capped to minimum wage for all, 

  • Bringing into use as social housing, the hundreds of thousands empty, abandoned homes. 

  • Renovating empty homes will generate new jobs for under-25s building tradesmen. 

  • Everyone will be fed every day with a cooked hot meal and hot drink, none will starve, by local government employed catering staff, again jobs for under-25s.

  • No-one will be left homeless, rough sleeping

  • End of Jobcentres and their sanctioning regime to cut benefits leaving people cashless and starving

  • Top slice management in public sector, and use that to fund jobs for frontline services to the community by national and local government, so more jobs for under-25s

  • Pay Full State Pension at 60, of £15,000, tax free by Tax Allowance at 60 of £15,500 to encompass Winter Fuel Allowance of £500 from winter of 2015/16

  • Loss of rightful age payout of state pension and over-taxation of over 65s, has lost tens of thousands of young peoples' jobs in high streets turned into ghost towns, as it is the older people who shop in town. 

  • End of Income Tax and National Insurance for business, so making it more affordable to take on staff by small and medium businesses, that is the real growth area for employment

  • Business-run free vocational training to fill skill shortages for all under-25s (Tax breaks) - in fact for all ages.

  • End of Income Tax and National Insurance for people, so all tax is Indirect and VAT only. Why tax people twice? 

  • End of Council Tax and Bedroom Tax, major causes of becoming homeless for old and young alike.

  • Citizen Wage plus minimum wage for under-25s means more staff at cash desks, cafes, shops for small to medium sized businesses, which is the real growth for employment.

  • Helps keep farmers on the land as well as smallholders able to make a living. More ability for small-scale organic farming and city farms.
  • Nationalise public transport and cap prices to minimum wage, with better rural public transport

  • Under-25s will get free help from private Recruitment Consultant firms in drawing up their CV and filling in job application forms (tax breaks) 

  • Job application will be about ability to do the job and interviewed by those doing the job already as well as Personnel / Human Resources.
A new party only you can make a reality for all ages, is The Swans new party.

The Swans new party is for all income levels, Anti-Austerity, Anti-Welfare Reform, Anti-Pension Reform. End recession and pay off national debt, yet do it all with leaving none homeless, starving, freezing and cashless in the sixth richest nation on earth.

Contact The Swans new party for - free membership - free organising membership - potential candidates
The Swans new party for under-25s as much as those 60 and over - For All Ages Equally.

Only you can make the party a reality.

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