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How to Pay Off National Debt Yet End Austerity and Welfare Reform


We are told that Austerity is needed because of national debt and deficit and this is the reasoning for all the Welfare and Pension reform that has left people cashless, hungry and freezing.

Pension Reform threatens the poor with nil income in old age forever, as well as the end of Pension Credit, SERPs and State Second Pension and any additional pension from contributing to same for new claimants from 2016.

Click here to see if you lose most or all of your state pension


A little party running in England for the European Elections in May 2014, called the English Democrats (good mates with Scottish Nationalist Party) said:

"The Economic Recovery

We all welcome the recovery that is underway. But why has it taken so long? Why will we still be suffering austerity for many years?

Had the Chancellor in 2010 decided to cut the current expenditure overspend over 5 years whilst maintaining capital expenditure there would have been an outcry. But growth would have been accelerated by at least a year. This means that 2014 would be our third year of significant growth, unemployment would have be much lower, the economy would now be larger than in 2008 and we would not be facing years of austerity.

Gordon Brown failed in his primary duty of maintaining public finances. Chancellors are supposed to borrow money during a recession when tax revenues fall and fail to cover the increase in welfare costs. Then when growth returns they are supposed to run a surplus to pay back the debt as tax receipts increase and welfare costs decline. This he failed to do leaving the incoming Chancellor with a knotty problem. Did Osborne get the best solution?

If you cut capital expenditure and raise VAT you automatically reduce future growth. But that is what the Osborne did! 

In a recession you need to ensure your capital expenditure is keeping local people in work"


Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor, has informed that if Labour win 2015 general election, Labour will just continue Tory spending plans and be even harder on welfare reform than the Tories.

We cannot know if Labour can form a government in 2015, because 41 Labour MPs will be lost with Scottish independence after Scotland's referendum on 18 September, so Labour would not be able to challenge the 300 Tory MPs.

The Greens enacted Austerity in the one council The Greens rule, Brighton, that is poor within its town boundaries - mostly students, working poor and pensioners (Brighton and Hove and area). 

UKIP shouted just as loud as Tory and Lib Dem Coalition against the Council of Europe informing the UK government that they were in breach of international treaty law under the Social Charter, with too low benefit at around £71 per week and basic state pension of £102-£110 per week, saying UK benefit and state pension should be £138 per week.

This sum was said by the Council of Europe to be an interim sum, as the welfare reform from 2010 and the Bedroom Tax had not yet been factored in to their investigation of the UK benefit system.


The IMF said the 'solution' by them and Europe for Greece, just made Greece's economy implode, despite what little welfare state there was and state and works pensions being lost. This is what a 'bail-out' means - no jobs, starvation, no pensions - to pay off foreign banks who generated the debt in the first place, by lending to foreign firms doing works in Greece. 

Do not believe that England's politicians are any less corrupt than foreign ones. What else do you call expense claims to heat a horse stable or riding a bicycle a few yards down the road? 

The Tories (and Lib Dems) have done the same mistake on spending on the poor as they did with the workhouse two centuries ago, that cost so much yet all it did was kill 
5 million people.

Welfare and Pension Reform has and continues to cost billions, so the Tories have put more debt on the nation by borrowing more since 2010, than Labour did in last 13 years, remembering it was Labour who began welfare reform, 
brought in Atos (who has not paid corporation tax) and 
invented the Bedroom Tax, 
with around 47 Labour MPs, including Ed Balls, not showing up to vote down the Bedroom Tax, which was lost by only 26 votes.  

Source Link, where you can learn the basics of what is the difference between national debt and national deficit. 


We hear that governments in the UK have been in power with deficits for last 300 years, with no particular ill effect on business and jobs not suffering, other than budget tightening actual raising national debt. 

With all the welfare state between 1945 to 1970, we had an age of great prosperity. Austerity actually defeats prosperity, especially during a recession as the English Democrats observed above and the Royal Economic Society - Cambridge University Professor observe in findings as link: 


Austerity has not happened since 2010 or before with Labour Blair / Brown.  

The government has borrowed money just as much as they ever did. 

But this has not helped business in a recession (began back in 2008 before present government voted into power in 2010) nor saved jobs.

Welfare Reform admin has cost billions on private contracts, with those companies evading tax.

The cuts of benefits to people has only meant more cost to other agencies having to care for those left cashless, hungry and freezing. 

As shown with councils funding food banks and more admissions by the frail old and those suffering malnutrition to NHS hospitals, when council budgets are being slashed for frontline services.

Yet in all the time that food bank offerings to those going hungry of only 3 vouchers in a year, that rose under Labour and the Coalition of Tory and Lib Dems, the EU has funded daily canteens offering a cooked meal and hot drink to the working poor and pensioners, in the main, not just to the unemployed and / or homeless. 

Meanwhile, government and council management are made redundant with high severance packages, only to be rehired on just as high salaries, whilst basic grade frontline staff lose jobs permanently, with over 1 million jobs projected to be lost by 2018 (two thirds of which to women, already the biggest losers in tax changes and benefit cuts).


- Reduce all political class significantly reduced, both national and local

- Abolish all welfare admin leaving people with nothing

- Shut down all Jobcentres

- Abolish Council Education departments

- End Council and Government Social Services child care, that fails to save children from abuse or murder

- End Employment Tribunals and Tribunal Appeal courts (better system to gain employment rights in law without recourse to courts and costs of judges)

- End Family Courts and Courts of Protection, that also fail to save children from abuse and bring nation into disrepute in grabbing even foreign kids.

- End all private contracts for welfare admin, no longer needed by universal automatic Citizen Wage of £1,750 per month to all adult citizens.

- Cease contributing to EU government and all Europe MP (MEPs) 
(rehire Mr Farage as a Consultant to a Minister for Europe and 
English Democrats Chairman Mr Robin Tilbrook for a written constitution 
within which guarantee pensions and the welfare state as a core role of government).

- End all carbon trading, funding of climate change, and admin of green taxes by their abolition on people and business

- End BBC being state funded and sell to the private sector

- End admin costs by councils, bailiff, eviction and courts costs, by abolition of Bedroom Tax and Council Tax

- End House of Lords and Peers 
(now about 900 and soon to grow to 2000). 
The Peers are not politicians, as they are not voted into Lords by the people. 

- Sell House of Lords to rich Chinese living in England for renovation as luxury serviced apartments (so providing jobs for British citizens). 

- End civil nuclear power other than a small amount for the military

- End redundancy of long serving soldiers - retrain to be more like National Guard that help in national emergencies like the flooding recently

- End all government subsidies by the billion to wind farms, tidal and wave power.

- End admin of Landfill tax and admin costs of government collecting food waste

- End admin costs of Stamp Duty on house purchase

- End admin costs by Ending Inheritance Tax, No Capital Gains Tax and No Benefits in Kind Tax on business and people

- End admin costs by ending Income Tax (existing since 1798) and Ending National Insurance (12 per cent tax above the basic tax band of 20 per cent on lowest waged workers). 

- End all politicians' expenses, second homes etc. All these will be absorbed into current budgets in government and all travel of MPs with the military so inside Defence budget. 

- Nil admin costs to government of Automatic Citizen Wage and Automatic Citizen State Pension at 60, tax free

By this time the nation might even be in a budget surplus!

If we are in surplus, then fund huge rise in Motability scheme to include mobility scooters and end Car Tax for all. Free training in driving a mobility scooter and insurance within the lease scheme of Motability. 

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