Monday, 10 March 2014

Labour - Under 25s Enslaved Just Same As By Tories


The Tory and Lib Dem Coalition believe benefit is all about unemployment and want to enslave the under 25s by sanctioning off benefit and putting young people to work without wages, giving the money to the private profit making company and even bringing in charities.

Labour want to enslave the under 25s with a below living wage, sanction off benefits, and leave them needing food banks and to end up homeless as no money to pay rent.

Meanwhile, all the funding wasted on the admin of this mad scheme.

All current political parties believe in Austerity and Welfare Reform.

So we have Workfare and Labour Workfare Plus, both of which help the economy not at all by taking money out of the pockets of people that would have gone into the local business community.

Equal result - high street ghost towns.

And a mindset of our political class that is still in the feudal age.

Serfs kept by the lord of the manor, who could not wander from their lord's lands, and their keep gained from the profit of their labour and the tributes paid to the lord by the merchants and freemen farmers.

But unlike the serfs, these feudal overlords are not housing and feeding the serfs.


If you are under 25, don't bother voting. All parties want your labour at slave rates.

Ed Balls did say he would be even harder on Welfare Reform than the Tories and has said in a recent speech Labour will continue the Coalition's 2015-2016 spending review, if Labour wins the general election in 2015.

Labour has now stated it intends to put Workfare (changed named into Compulsory Jobs Guarantee - ie a rose is a rose by any other name) on all under-25s on Jobseeker's Allowance for more than 12 months or sanction them off benefits.

On over 56,000 young people.

Will IDS still be heading the DWP for Labour then?


Private profit making companies and charities would employ all such young people on the minimum wage which is not a living wage, with the taxpayer footing the bill for the wages and employers' National Insurance.

So, 56,000 young people costing the minimum wage and employer's National Insurance to the taxpayer, when in-work benefits are threatened to the under 25s.

Looks like more people going to food banks.

This is plain bonkers.

And this will pay off the deficit?

Not likely.

DVD Spirit of 45 - direct observations of people who were helped by the beginning of the welfare state back in 1945 - why vital to keep now


They Think Bankers From Bonuses - Actually It Will Be Bank Customers

Labour says the bankers with a tax on their bonuses.

But all this will do is the banks will put that cost onto the bank account holders.

Yet Again Pensioner Bashing

Labour says this will also be funded from high earners' pension contributions.

But this is what the Tories plan, by cutting the tax relief off altogether on private pension contributions, taking £35 billion from peoples' savings for retirement.

Labour saying that this cut in tax relief on pension contributions, will only effect the richest 300,000, as if only these few rich buy private pensions.


As per usual in all our current political class, Labour has fallen into the trap of believing that benefit mostly goes on the unemployed for the under 25s just as the rest of the age groups, when they are barely 3% of the total benefits bill.

Half of the benefits bill goes to the working poor.

So this Workfare Plus, Labour would call a Jobs Guarantee would mean these young people having to claim in-work benefits to make ends meet for such 'luxuries' as heating and food. Because it is the working poor who are going to food banks.

Yet under-25s might lose all rights to benefits under ideas by the Tories, and now by Labour.

So that under 25s who are not in college or in work could lose Jobseekers Allowance and Housing Benefit.

Again we have out of touch politicians.

Because in amongst these young people are single parents, the working poor and around 30,000 sick or disabled claiming Employment and Support Allowance (support component so not available to look for work as unable to work).

And even with Housing Benefit, the under 35s cannot afford the rents in the private rental homes in the UK.

So youth homelessness of ending up sleeping rough has doubled over the past 3 years. 

So how will forcing them off insufficient benefit onto a minimum wage without in-work benefits, help these 56,000 young people?

I can't see it, can you, kind reader?


- Under 25s would be put back into free training in colleges

  • til 100 per cent literacy and numeracy rate gained and
  • vocational trade training by what the young person has an interest for a career, 
  • with input by commerce and industry in the classroom.
  • Either by day release from work or by the training being free at point of use.

- Revoke Workfare that is slavery paid for by the taxpayer.

- Private companies will employ young people with no burden on the taxpayer, as British citizens of all races given jobs before non-citizens by law.

- The minimum wage will be a living wage from whatever age.

- No more sanctions of benefits.

- All unemployed benefits replaced by a Citizen Wage.

- Rents capped to average salaries, even in London, for average sized homes, irrespective of number of bedrooms.

- Foreign property investment in richest part of cities only.

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