Sunday, 30 March 2014

How to Save Your Life Yet You Bring England Back to Prosperity in 2015


Labour says that in government in 2015, it would would tackle the “root causes” of rising costs – such as low wages, youth unemployment and the increase in part-time workers.

The vast majority of Labour voted for Tory policies on welfare now. We can but hope that the dozen or so rebels now leave Labour and join and promote a real socialist party.

As Labour's solution is just another form of Workfare, forcing young people into jobs with insufficient legal minimum wage to not fall into food and fuel poverty.

All other parties, even new little ones saying they are for pensioners, believe in Austerity and Welfare Reform, that has actually caused national debt to spiral ever deeper and left millions with the fear of being left with nothing, or actually suffering it.


The admin of welfare reform has been the cause of more debt, as shown by the Tories racking up as much debt in 4 years, as Labour did in last 13 years, who began all this welfare reform, bringing in Atos and inventing the Bedroom Tax.

Welfare and pension reform has withdrawn money from people, leaving them with absolutely nothing.

The local economy has lost by the millions. Not least by tax changes as much as welfare money lost to people.

Whilst private contracts in welfare admin has caused government debt to spiral by the billion, so government wasting funding on that and not on investment in business, which is the role of government in recessions.

This is most obviously seen in town centres become ghost towns, with all the lost of jobs, because it is the low waged, low income unemployed and pensioners who go to shop on the high street.

Or they did.

No more.


The loss of benefit to people suffering flat-lined wages crashed down to 2002 levels in value, was made worse by the rise in retirement age taking nearly £140 a week in state pension and pension credit from women at 60 and men at 65.

Losing benefit, lose Cold Weather Payment.

Lose state pension, lose Winter Fuel Allowance.

The Pension Bill was bad enough for people and a burden on cash-strapped business in a recession.

There is far worse to come with the Flat Rate Pension, that is actually less or even nil income in old age for millions.

Click Here See if you lose most or all of your state pension, which payout you get without having to leave your job or gaining further work.


- End All Austerity and Welfare Reform

- End all Welfare Reform Admin, both in government and in private contracts

- End Department of Work and Pensions and all committees in parliament about same

- Automatic Citizen Wage of £1,750 to all adult citizens, tax free - yes £21,000 a year - 18 til 59 years of age. This replaces all the admin benefits costs for able bodied and disabled/chronic sick by just being automatically paid.

- No Citizen Wage for any level of politicians and a Banker / Investment Stockbroker due a bonus.

- No Benefits for non-citizens or social medicine. Benefits from home nation, private medical insurance, own social housing credit unions and schooling. Or funded by international refugee agencies to which UK already contributes anyway.

- Full State Pension to all adult citizens at 60 of £121,000 (made up of private, works and state pension or state pension alone if no other pension income) instead of Citizen Wage.

- Basic Tax Allowance of £21,000

- Tax Allowance at 60 of £25,500

- Halve energy bills by ending green taxes and nationalising utilities

- Revoke Welfare Reform Act, Pension Bill (all of them) and Flat Rate (Single Tier) Pension 2016

- Pass law to guarantee pension payout
(passed in 1975 and revoke by Tories in 1993 and never brought back by Labour since then)

- End all welfare admin, assessments, welfare tribunals and appeal courts, so saving the lives from that stress to the disabled and chronic sick

- Top slice public sector management and focus on staff delivering frontline services

- End politicians' expenses system and drastically reduce the political class

- Reduce number of councils by merging all councils into one council per county or big city, with no more than 10 elected by the public People Advocates

- End House of Lords (save on expenses for 900 Peers, about to grow to 2000)

- Promote Scottish independence and leave each devolved nation to self-fund own parliament (that is: Ulster, Wales and Scotland).

- Bring all empty homes into social housing, with rents capped to minimum wage

- Private rents only to the squeezed middle and not the low waged, meeting minimum levels of maintenance for healthy living.

- Austerity in a recession is what the IMF said was a mistake about Greece, that has imploded that nation into not just a 3rd world country but a 4th world nation. Europe even wanted to tax the charities feeding Greece's population every day a cooked meal and a hot drink.

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