Tax Women More and Give Them Less


When a cleaner lady comes off benefit and goes into a wage far below the basic tax code, she gets the dreaded emergency tax code that means up to 90% tax for two tax years before you get the 944L now, soon to rise to 100L in April.

You get the dreaded emergency tax code on benefits as well.

But what care most women about a £10,000 tax allowance (from April 2014) when many are on minimum wages around £6.50 far below the living wage of £7.65 (£8.80 in London).

Half women 60-66 are within the working poor.

More women are in work than ever before, with 1.6 million new private sector jobs. 

But what pay and conditions are on offer, with over a million zero hour contract jobs, that staff are not even aware they are within?

Now part-time workers must actively seek a full-time job or get their housing benefit cut. 

Most housing benefit goes to the half of the entire benefits bill that goes to the working poor, who now far outnumber the unemployed in poverty. Including some of the wealthiest politicians in parliament today. 

But then figures just realised from the House of Commons Library show how the tax affairs of women are not anywhere near equal to men.

Cuts in tax credits since 2010 for those on low income took £2.7 billion from women, but less from men at £750 million.

Add on the reductions in childcare support through tax credits and you see women losing £343 million whilst men lost only £47 million.

Child benefit was frozen for three years, usually paid to the mother took £1.26 billion from women, but also took £26 million from men.

Women, on the whole, are poorer than men, with benefits and tax credits making up an average 5th to women's income, as opposed to only a 10th for men's income.

So women have suffered worse than even men under Austerity, with household benefits cap effecting 80 per cent of women and only 20 per cent of men.


But then even well-off women are discriminated against in relation to men.

The cut in top rate of tax on income above £150,000 a year from 50p to 45p, had 85 per cent of the gains go to men.

The £1,000 transferrable tax allowance for 4 million married couples in 2015 will give a £411 million handout to men (84 per cent) with only £84 million to women (16 per cent).

Child Benefit removal from higher tax payers has cut money to 94 per cent of women claimants and only effected 6% of men.


Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor, has confirmed that Labour will just keep Tory spending plans and be even harder on welfare reform than even the Tories.

Neither has Labour said they will reverse all that the Tories have done since 2010.

Let us not forget that it was Labour who began Welfare Reform and brought in Atos in 2005, when the use of food banks began to rise, and that Labour invented the Bedroom Tax, and could have voted the tax down if Ed Balls, Brown and Scottish Labour , up to 47 Labour MPs had bothered to come in and vote in parliament in London, when the vote was lost by only 26 votes.

So Labour despises women just as greatly as the Tories.

Labour passed law in 1975 guaranteeing pensions, the Tories revoked that law in 1993 and Labour, in 2 consecutive governments, did not bring back the law that would have guarantee rightful age payout to women of state and works pension.

Just look at any full sitting of parliament. Where are the women?


The Pension Bill took works and state pension from women for over half a decade of life, starting last year with those born 1953 (30,000 women) and those born 1954 this year (half a million women).

So women paying 12 per cent of their wages in National Insurance, to forever lose around £38,000 between 60 and 66 years of age.

The Pensions Bill raised the retirement age and then snuck in further law to end all rights to state pension to huge numbers of women in law coming in 2016.

The losses coming with the Flat Rate (Single Tier) Pension in 2016 making all the losses of flat-linine wages, huge rises in cost of living and loss of benefits, far worse.

For women may indeed have no income in old age forever.

Certainly not those with less than 10 years NI credits or relying on husband's contributions for a housewife 60 per cent state pension. Widows and divorcees are also left with nothing. 

The Flat Rate Pension ends SERPS, S2P and Pension Credit, so is not more but less, even to the 30 per cent only who will get the full flat rate.

Welsh current pensioners actually get more now and will suffer a cut.

But then so will new claimant pensioners from April 2016, who will lose the extra from pension credit and not get as much as they might have expected from giving into SERPs and S2P.

As said half of women 60-66 are within the working poor. 

Without the rightful age payout of up to around £6,300 - £7,500 (by 2015) or more, whilst benefits and tax losses cut income meant for food and heating.

However, the majority reason women that age are not in work is because they are disabled and / or chronic sick and those benefits being lost or never gained and even if gained are taxed, when the sum is far below the basic tax allowance.


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