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Why Voting New in Local Council and European Elections May 22, 2014 Is Change We Seek?

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I followed a pensioner with a trolley with only 4 small items in it, the other week out of the supermarket.

Pensioners, like many adults of all ages, can end up with not even £11 per week left for food. Believe me, you cannot get much for that. It is not even a couple of days of fish and chip takeaways.

The Trussell Trust state that 4.7 million people live in food poverty, yet Oxfam tells us that 13 million people struggle to make ends meet each and every day.

The Trussell Trust said 1 million referrals came to them by recommendation 2013-to date 2014. But The Trust only deals with half of food banks. So at least 2 million accessed food banks from last year to this.

The rest of the hungry follow me to the aisle with food past its best before date in the supermarket, and the bakery trays with that day's end date. You don't see us eating fresh vegetables and fruit, only wish we could afford it.

Green taxes added £200 to average fuel bill, so contributing to the 30,000 deaths from cold homes of the elderly and ill health of the working poor in unheated homes. Thus showing The Greens up, who have imposed Austerity on the one council The Greens rule, Brighton, who has within town poor university students, working poor and poor pensioners. 

Because if benefits are cut, you cannot access Cold Weather Payments. 

Without state pension, you cannot access Winter Fuel Allowance or Pension Credit or gain free prescriptions unless you are at death's door. 

If you are a woman, alone, 60, disabled/chronic sick so unable to work, cut benefits and then suffer from last year the fate of 530,000 women of loss of state pension payout, then you may indeed lose most or all of your state pension, including turning 80 from 2016.

See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

People believe that the 1.3 million who have early retired are lucky, when the most usual way to cut public sector jobs long before 2010, was to early retire women at 50 and above (55 in last few years) in lieu of redundancy. Women took this option, because at least they had a monthly income, and not just a lump sum of one week's wages per year of service.

Two thirds of the Austerity job cuts are to women, with up to one million jobs gone by 2018. 

A figure like 85,000 nurses and healthcare assistant jobs (mostly women) have been lost in the NHS.
European Elections May 22

Local Elections May 22


See my home page of my personal website where brought altogether for you, on one page, about new parties for European and Local Elections on May 22, 2014, for you to make up your own mind, that offer the sole hope for us.  

And how to ensure you are registered with your right to put your cross on your ballot paper in the election polling station. 

You should have already received your polling card if you have, but you have a few days up til May 6 to make sure you are listed on the electoral roll with your council. 

My home page:


We are told, if you don't put your cross on your ballot paper for Labour, you will get Tories.

Ed Balls, Labour Shadow Chancellor, has confirmed that Labour will just continue Tory spending policy and be harder on welfare reform than the Tories if elected.

The word reform is supposed to mean to make something better, not to abolish and leave people penniless and hungry. 

We forget that Ed Balls was Gordon Brown's speech writer (Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman) and that Ed Miliband was in New Labour's Cabinet.

It was Labour who began welfare cuts, brought in Atos and the Bedroom Tax. 

The rise in need for Food Banks began under Labour as far back as 2005. 

Food Banks are only 3 vouchers in a year, whilst Labour does not query why we, in UK do not feed the working poor, poor pensioners, and those benefit sanctioned with one free cooked meal and hot drink 7 days a week, as in Europe and America. 

Labour agreed with the Tories on the Welfare Cap, including 30 of the 41 Labour MPs in Scotland. 

In Scotland, the SNP had austerity and welfare reform imposed upon them despite the majority MSPs going against. 

The SNP pay Scottish people's Bedroom Tax and the Scottish have Free Prescriptions.

The SNP have made many proposals that will help the disabled / chronic sick in a Free Scotland after a yes majority on Scottish Referendum on 18 September 2014. 

Link on my home page through clicking on election posters at foot of my home page for Scottish Referendum on 18 September 2014:

After 13 years of Labour rule before 2010, welfare benefits were lowest in northern Europe and Labour consistently agreed that sanction benefit cuts could be done to disabled and / or chronic sick.

Labour agreeing with Workfare and saying will continue it, is from far back in Labour's history and within a generation of Labour's beginnings.

In the 1930s, Labour set up work camps and forced the unemployed to be sent to them or go hungry, only closing them down and getting rid of the paperwork trail that showed their existence, when Hitler's Nazis did the same to their unemployed in 1930s Germany. 

in UK in 1930s there were 25 work camps with 200,000 forced labour sent to them:

How crazy to put that burden on the taxpayer just after the Great Depression of 1929, instead of feeding the poor so they had time to look for work instead of looking for a loaf of bread each day.  

A leaflet printed in the 1930s by socialists against the 1930s work camps:


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