Thursday, 3 April 2014

How Sitting Labour MPs Could Change to New Party Today?


The UNITE union has said Labour faces defeat if it campaigns as a pale shade of austerity in 2015 general election.

It never ceases to amaze me that trade unions actually think Labour is a left wing, socialist party, which it has not been since Blair, and continues today with people prominent in Gordon Brown's administration of Ed balls and Labour Leader Mr Miliband.

Labour began welfare reform, brought in Atos, invented the Bedroom Tax and has voted with the Coalition now on the welfare cap.

Ed Balls and 46 other Labour MPs did not bother to vote on the Bedroom Tax, and so it won through, with the vote against it losing only by 26 votes.


There appears to be two kinds of Labour.

New Labour is the top of the party.

Low number of Labour rebels, who follow the prior beliefs of now much missed passed over Mr Wedgwood Benn and Mr Crowe of the RMT union and his party TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialists Against Cuts).

TUSC was the sole party who said the truth about state pensions -
pension is not a benefit, nor some generous gift from government to be withdrawn at whim,
the state pension is deferred wages from our youth.

Too right, at 12 per cent National Insurance contributions a year on our wages.


The Scottish need to escape Austerity obsessed London, because 2015 will just bring more misery to:

- working poor on wages flat-lined back to 2002 levels,
- women aged 60-66 and men 65-68 without a state pension and pension credit, so no Winter Fuel Allowance
- disabled, nil benefit no Cold Weather Payments
- chronic sick, nil benefit and threat to life
- young people enslaved in workfare with nil income or insufficient minimum wage so going to work costs all the benefit so what money is left to escape food and fuel poverty - answer none,
- the 3 per cent only of benefits bill that is to the unemployed, suffering sanctions regime leaving them starving and going to food banks.

With a Free Scotland from 18 September 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, Labour in the UK would cease being able to form a government in London. Families Labour voters and trade unionists for generations back to great grandfather and beyond are voting Yes.
Say Yes to Free Scotland


Because Scotland has 41 Labour MPs, against only 1 Tory MP.

So Labour would not have enough MPs in UK to go up against the 299 Tory MPs.

There are 650 MPs in UK parliament.

The Lib Dems would hopefully vanish in 2015 general election, unless they too stand down and do not run candidates.

The Swans offer that only English MPs vote on England only matters, and vice versa for Wales and Ulster (Scotland might be free before 2015 general election).


Why could not trade unions like UNITE, GMB and RMT not ask sitting Labour MPs to change party to the new Left Unity Party or to an entirely new party, The Swans new party?

Left Unity Party are proper socialists, but offer nothing to pensioners and women and men short of a state pension today:
Click Here to see if you lose most or all of your state pension:

The Swans new party is a broad church, but the only party in the UK offering pensioners anything at all yet anti-Austerity and Welfare Reform.

Bearing in mind many pensioners are still in work but a great many low paid.

Half of women aged 60-66 are within the working poor and those benefits being lost, as state pension could be lost altogether by the Flat Rate Pension that is actually the end of the state pension as it withers away.

Majority reason women aged 50-66 not in work is due to disability and/or chronic illness and those benefits being lost, so threatening nil income altogether.


- Tax Break for trade union subscription by members like for professional associations

- All workers by law with the Swans, will have to belong to a trade union, just as certain professions must belong to their professional association.

- Secondary Picketing becomes lawful with The Swans

- Citizen Wage of £1,750 for all adult citizens means Minimum Wage and Zero Hour Contracts Solved

- Zero Hour Contracts new law with The Swans,
gives worker right to work for any company and
it is the worker's discretion who they work for and how many hours in a week,
with companies having to apply to be added to worker's schedule,
not the other way round

- Sitting Labour MPs change party now, so giving time for general election May 2015

- Voting Labour next year is voting Tory, as the two parties are carbon copies of each other now. The Swans offer paying off national debt yet social justice for workers.
The Swans can best be described as a Right Wing Left Unity Party and a Left Wing UKIP.

- Changed rules within your trade unions to affiliate with
- Left Unity Party
- The Swans,
means all workers are guaranteed a government that does not fail the nation with Austerity in a recession,
when major economic theory says
government's role is to spend not withdraw money making things worse

- The Swans offer the huge pensioner 'grey vote' amongst all those losing state pension and Winter Fuel Allowance and benefits and Cold Weather Payments. The Swans offer far more than even Age UK or the Pensioners Convention to current and new pensioners.

- Although the Swans do not believe in Climate Change, Green Taxes, Carbon Trading, Airport Passenger Duty etc - what the Swans do offer are:
- More jobs in Flood prevention and Coastal protection,
- new energy jobs through the nationalised power and water to make towns,
commercial buildings,
trade union headquarters and
government offices
as much self-generating in electricity as practicable,
with technology already existing.
Even sewerage can generate electricity and
cars driving along a road, power the street lights.

- Less smog around the world by selling technology from the UK to clean up industrial chimneys or water effluent.
In Sweden, industry is symbiotic - one factory's waste is the next factory's raw material.

- Government back research in solar battery electric cars to bring into use in cities instead of congestion charge, ending electric cars needing power stations. More jobs for workers.

- More jobs by government / private finance build regional seaports inside a nationalised railways, with more freight rail and not build HS2 - so might gain some Tory votes in wealthy villages.

- More jobs by walk away (not even costs of a referendum) from Empire Europe's rule, with its impending bankruptcy and its toxic Euro money, with only a business link to Europe as done by the wealthiest nations in Europe of Switzerland and Norway.

- End wind farms, tidal and wave, by taxing them and nil subsidy. Gain votes in Tory wealthy villages. Also good for wildlife. More jobs in a whole raft of ways to make UK as self sufficient in power as possible, instead.

- Bring back deep mined coal in the UK with modern clean technologies. So more jobs for young people and helps business in the local community.

- Nil Council Tax on trade union buildings. End of benefit in kind company taxes and taxes on company vehicles.

The Swans new party

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