Saturday, 26 April 2014

Elect Different on May 22 - Cornwall - Mebyon Kernow


Labour is not the party of the working class and has not been for decades.

Here is anotyher party Mebyon Kernow for Cornwall to elect on May 22 in council elections, that will help the real working class, which is all folk below at least £15,000 per year money coming in, abandoned by all other parties:

- working poor unable to feed the kids

- poor pensioners

- disabled / chronic sick losing benefits

Especially as Mebyon Kernow offer to replace Council Tax with a tax based on your money and not just the same for all.

And raise the lowest wages of council staff, by cutting the salaries of top management.

You can get your state pension payout and stay in work if you want.

Mebyon Kernow help those women who lost benefit and / or in working poor, reached 60 in 2013 and lost payout of state pension as well.

Worse is to come in 2016.

See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

More details of other parties for May 22 in England for European and Council Elections on my home page:

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