Saturday, 7 June 2014

Starvation England By Design


In Australia today, a nation not in recession and with great wealth, all socialism is being cut altogether, all state pension gone, as the government there does not want to pay for the state altogether, to help anyone.

Social medicine is on the way to being just for the rich again.

The Australian government is copying the Coalition and going much further.

This is the fate of the UK if Scotland does not go Free in September.

And the rest of the nation if we do not manage to split Labour into merging with the new socialist parties to make one viable party, and let the New Labour section like the two Eds to run as Tory candidates in the 2015 general election.



The raised retirement age means people aged 60 are liable for the bedroom tax, come under forced labour that is the slavery of Workfare, are losing benefits by never gaining them or sanctioned off food money, and even on Workfare when disabled / chronic sick and those benefits being lost as well.

The loss to The Wife of the state pension payout at 60 from 2013, when benefit sanctions are massively increasing, and half of women are within the working poor, means low income people are losing food and fuel money.

For no reason. Why?

Because the ring fenced National Insurance Fund has been full for decades, not needing a top up from tax, despite all the hype about the supposed demographic timebomb (as if we have not aged for the million years of human life)  which has had not one effect on the viability of the state pension fund.

The NI Fund is not a tax and so cannot be emptied to pay off the national debt nor used by government for general expenditure.

So not one penny in tax has been saved in not paying out the state pension, especially to women who lost more years since its lost payout from 2013, when the pension can be paid whilst you are still in work.

Worse is to come by 2016. See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

Women MPs, including Labour, kept pension payout at 60 from 2012 with the words 'protected from reforms'.

This when the half of women who work in the public sector are suffering two thirds of the job losses, with a significant amount being early retired in their 50s on small works pensions and even smaller savings, barely able to survive in the hope of getting state pension at 60. This threatens the over 60s with hunger.


Those sanctioned off benefits cannot access the mere 3 vouchers in a year to get food from food banks, because you need to be on benefits to get a voucher. Catch 22.

The cheap social supermarkets starting up are only for those on benefit and not those sanctioned off benefits or never gaining the benefit. They ignored me reminding them that those without benefit and no other source of income are even more likely to starve.

So if you are working poor, on zero hour contracts or unemployed at any age, losing benefit means no money to buy food.


Because of the raised retirement age, those on benefit as deemed still of working age up to 66 are also within the Workfare system, even if disabled / chronic sick, despite not being listed in unemployment statistics beyond age 60.

Only 3 per cent of the benefits bill is the unemployed, so Workfare also includes the half of the benefits bill that is paid to the working poor. For example, a third of Londoners are within the working poor.

Those on benefit amongst the working poor (including half of women aged 60-66) are even forced onto Workfare, when working on too low an income part-time. 

So on benefit, lost the paying job, and having to fork out what money exactly to work 6 months for a charity? 

And losing disability benefit to stay in work at the same time.

By raised retirement age, a woman cannot get her bus pass to go on this jub without wages for half a year.

The firm cannot even give you a free lunch or a cup of tea as that is payment and therefore the firm must pay tax for your employment.

What is Labour saying to all this. Just that there will be a revised Workfare under Labour, forcing workers onto the minimum wage, so losing living wage jobs in the firm.

A minimum wage is not a living wage by law.


Doctors in England and Wales are telling government again and again that admissions to hospital for malnutrition are on the rise.

It takes at least a month to begin to starve to death, by lack of food. Dying of thirst takes much less time.

Relying on family members for food, even in work, means there is the scenario of the poor trying to feed the poor, with both liable to lose benefits that is food money, because of the high cost of living to those not even a quarter of the average wage down to nil.

As benefit can take not days but weeks to process, only to be told not eligible for benefits, after a lot of form filling, and with Jobcentres themselves referring claimants to food banks, then it is obvious that there is no food money for sanctioned claimants, of all ages.

This also means their children, who are more and more getting the hunger symptom of Rickets, whether parents out of work (only 3 per cent of benefits bill) or in work (half of benefits bill, with pensioners the other half, when those know they could have gained benefits, as not told what eligible for).

See my blogs on how UK could feed all every day, 7 days a week, with a free cooked meal and hot drink from council staffed canteens, leaving none to starve at all.

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