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How to Pay National Debt and Feed Everyone At Same Time?


With the constant massive waste of taxpayers' money by the billions on welfare reform aka end of the welfare state, Austerity has never happened.

Welfare reform has cost more by the billions, so there cannot be a national debt or else we would have gone the way of Greece long ago.

People over 60 are not listed in the unemployment statistics, yet are just as liable for the slavery of Workfare and benefit sanctions as all ages, even when equally disabled and/or chronic sick and losing those benefits as well.

Pensioner groups believe that the loss of payout of women's state pension at 60 and men at 65, is because the National Insurance Fund has been emptied to pay the national debt.

The full National Insurance Fund is ring fenced only for state pensions and has not needed a top up from tax for decades.

This despite all the hype of more people living to 100 than ever before. In fact, people living longer has had not one effect on the viability of the state pension at all.

The National Insurance Fund is not a tax, so government cannot empty the Fund, whjich is what is meant by the term 'ring fenced'.

If the Fund was empty, how come women MPs kept pension payout at 60 from 2012, when we, the public, lost the payout for 6 years from 2013.

Worse is to come from 2016, leaving many women, and a lot of men, with nil benefits and no state pension for food and fuel money forever.


SY.RIZ.A won in Greece in the Euro Elections. 

Why the dots? 

Because SY.RIZ.A is a coalition of many socialist little parties into one big party, with an excellent speaker as their leader.

SY.RIZ.A is the official opposition in parliament in Greece.

The new socialist parties now would do better to begin a charm offensive to wean Labour and The Greens councillors to leave those parties and join the new socialist parties, as sitting councillors.

If a sitting Labour or Green MP can be turned to the real socialists even better.

The socialists might better call themselves the Anti Hunger Party and set up shop in empty shops on the high streets, many of which have been empty since the recession hit.

As Gandhi observed, People's Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

If all the new little socialist parties just merged all their manifestos and became just one party that by bulk sourcing fed those on benefit, sanctioned off benefit, poor pensioners and the working poor, then they might just turn current politicians to them?


Might it be asked of the new socialist parties to all agree on offering when come to power in 2015, as a single merged party of you all:

1) Ending current welfare admin by benefits and sanctions. Saves tens of billions of pounds. For working poor, unemployed, pensioners, disabled or chronic sick. 

2) Shutting down that part of Department of Work and Pensions about benefits and shutting down all the Jobcentres. (Don't worry managers will easily find other work, and basic grade staff will be absorbed in other frontline services). 

3) Pay state pension at 60 to men and women, whether they stay in or retire from work. 

4) Back-date pension payout, as a tax free lump sum, to women who began their loss of state pension payout from 2013 (only 530,000 women til end 2014) at the current state pension rate. And to men from 65.

5) Pay the increased state pension back-linked to average wages from 2015 by monthly pension to new and current claimants, whether in work or retired, and whatever level of NI Fund contributions in life. 

6) Start as new claimants paying state pension to men at 60, from April 2015, whether retire or remain in work.

7) End all benefits sanctions regime, assessments, fit for work etc ad nauseum that cause starvation in adults and children. 

8) Pay a universal citizen wage to all adults from 18, in or out of work, not means tested so minimal admin, til 60.

9) End all green taxes on energy bills, so halving the bill and so ending fuel poverty.

10) End all subsidy on the private profit making nuclear power and all other forms of power generation. 

11) Nationalise all utilities and profit will then be called self-funding. 

12) Use off the peg technologies to make all big buildings, towns and even the roads self-generating in electricity, so massively cutting the cost of energy to people and business. 

13) Sewerage and water can also generate electricity. 

14) Nationalised landfill can generate electricity and make methane gas so no need for fracking. 

15) Energy from waste provides jobs and electricity to towns. 

16) Bring law on minimum wage to a living wage, requiring firms to cut management costs to make viable.

17) Make non-citizen migrant and citizen equal in living wage in law. 

18) End House of Lords, soon to grow to 2000 Peers on expenses, and sell the building for luxury serviced apartments (only if rented out, not left empty to fall derelict).

19) Bring all empty homes back into use with micro finance. Cap rents. Luxury homes bought and left to fall derelict in London, seized by the state for social housing. 

20) Rise 5 per cent the threshold before higher Income Tax rate to the squeezed middle.

21) Rise 5 per cent the Income Tax for those on highest Income Tax rate.

22) No zero corporation tax. 

23) No old peoples' homes charging as much as a 5 star hotel. The elderly looked after at home with rise in purple jobs - carers. 

24) End Council Tax and just share out tax to councils all become unitary councils, without all the multiple layers of councils. Cut councillor numbers to one per ward. 

Socialist parties with a lot of candidates in last council election 2014 were:

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (only exists during elections)
TUSC gained 50,000 votes this council elections. Candidates and TUSC members, included union members: PCS (civil servants unions), RMT (railway union), National Union of Teachers, Fire Brigade union, Prison Officers union, UNITE and UNISON.

Left Unity Party

Mebyon Kernow of Cornwall

Book: Mebyon Kernow and Cornish Nationalism: A Concise History

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