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How Socialists Could Prove Care About Saving Peoples' Lives Today?

AROUND 4 MILLION UNDER 30s AND           WOMEN AGED 60 FROM 2013                             COMING OFF OR NEVER ON ELECTORAL ROLL

In 2010 last general election, over 60 per cent of under 30s did not vote.

Why should they, as all the under 30s are offered is slavery under Workfare for nil wages, with private profit making companies being a burden on the taxpayer.

Today, there is no point in women aged 60 since 2013 in voting for any party, with the loss of state pension payout, whilst women MPs have kept the payout and the exact same sum taken as an 11 per cent pay rise for all MPs from 2015 general election year.

See if you lose most or all of your state pension:


At the moment, few people participate in politics by joining a political party and help organising it.

Even fewer bother to come out and vote.

Then we face becoming penniless, homeless and starving as a result.

Or even check you are on the electoral roll (see how to make sure registered to vote through my personal website home page - www.theswansnewparty.org.uk )

Only government can pass laws or bring about guidelines that would save our lives.

Right now, all the current political class are an enemy to vast majority of the citizens of the UK, who are eligible to vote.

Even The Greens did severe Austerity in the one council The Greens rule, Brighton, a town largely of poor university students, working poor and low income pensioners.

Meanwhile, true socialist parties just bicker and argue and so show they actually could not care less about all those who are dying today, and who they could save in 2015.

So how could they change and save our lives?


There are parties that have put out candidates, got a good measure of media exposure or have some trade union funding.

If all their manifestos were merged and just blanket agreement of whatever already agreed in those parties, then campaigning could begin by advertisements paid by trade unions (all of them bar none) today, to put out leafletting and billboards. especially on bus stops, to inform the millions suffering today.

This also proves trade unionism is serious about being anti-Austerity.

To gain membership and to gain the voters for this new merged party, everyone else is ignoring by the millions.

Even Tory pensioners are about to be hit again, by doing them for fraud for asking for Pension Credit, whilst receiving a private pension, when even with this little money, most pensioners have not even £11 per week left over for food.

The state pension is below the legal level under the Social Charter of £138 per week as it is (as well as benefit for people of all ages who should also be getting that money), whilst UK government ignores the Council of Europe informing Coalition they are in breach of international treaty law by only £102-£110 state pension. Pension Credit is around £35 per week (?)

Even worse is to come with the Flat Rate Pension from April 2016, that is not more pension but less and even for millions no state pension at all and nil income in old age, 

Even to someone turning 80 from 2013 losing a little £66 per week (sum 2014) pension as new claimant.


- No2EU - trade union backed - endorsed by the late lamented Wedgwood Benn and Bob Crowe).

- TUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts - endorsed by the late lamented
Bob Crowe.
(TUSC said the words that gave me hope -
along with a third of a million women like me so far who have lost state pension payout at 60 since 2013 - a state pension payout which legally you can receive whilst remaining in your job or getting a new job -

   The state pension is not some generous gift that government can withdraw at whim, 
but deferred wages from our youth.

Exactly right at 12 per cent National Insurance each year from our wages. 

- Left Unity Party -
not much funding from anywhere yet,
first national conference was on March 29, 2014 with few attending -
begun by The Guardian newspaper, who have gone on silent on Left Unity Party ever since, by article published by Ken Loach, film-maker who made the film talking to people who were helped by the start of the welfare state in 1945 -
including my grandparents and then my elderly parents right up to their passing in 2011.
Spirit of 45.

Even The Independent, that has a major speaker for Left Unity Party, does not mention the party much, including in its cheaper paper, The I.

This merged party, could then begin the task of persuading Labour voters and Labour party members to join this new party.

Then to encourage sitting Labour MPs to change allegiance and sign up to the new merged party and run as candidates for the new merged party in 2015 general election.

In the meantime, below is the blurb from the Socialist website about the elections on May 22, 2014.


This is the election blurb for two of the above parties for the elections next month.

Find Out Here if you are having a local council election 

"Local elections: Vote for a real alternative - vote TUSC

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which includes the RMT tranport workers’ union and the Socialist Party, is standing in the 2014 local elections to give a real alternative.

Our candidates are workers, trade unionists, the disabled, the unemployed, anti-cuts campaigners: peo- ple hit by and fighting back against the cuts – unlike the Con-Dems, Labour and UKIP.

All TUSC councillors will: 

  • • Vote against cuts to jobs and services and instead fight for the resources that our communities need – make the banksters pay for their crisis!
  • Call for rent controls instead of benefit caps. Councils should refuse to implement the bedroom tax and all other housing benefit cuts, and write off all related arrears
  • Oppose selling-off council estates and will fight
  • for a mass building programme
  • of affordable public housing 
  • Push councils to use their
  • legal powers to oppose government privatisation and cuts, especially in our NHS, including referring decisions to the health secretary and/or initiating local referenda
  • Campaign for the introduction of a Living Wage above the minimum wage,
  • including for council employees and those
  • working for council contractors 
  • • Support all workers’ struggles against the cuts
  • and privatisation 
  • Reject increases in council tax, rent and service
  • charges to compensate for government cuts • Vote against the privatisation of council jobs
  • and services 
  • • Oppose racism and fascism and stand up for
  • equality for all

European elections: Vote No2eU - Yes To Workers’ Rights - 

European Elections are national everywhere in the UK.

No2EU – Yes To Workers’ Rights, which is led by the RMT union.
No2EU opposes the pro-privatisation, pro-profiteering, anti-worker policies of the European Union.
No2EU says:

Yes to workers’ rights
Exit the EU on the basis of socialist policies
Reject EU treaties and policies that privatise our public services
  • Repeal anti-trade union rulings by the European Court of Justice and the EU

No to public spending cuts whether they come from Brussels or Britain

Voting UKIP in European Elections could change Labour to also have a simple in or out referendum on membership of the EU, that

  • took away women's state pension payout at 60 by EU Directive throughout Europe
  • Austerity taking away workers rights as well as cause of deaths from end of welfare state"

 End of their election blurb

Three parties on right and left listed on my personal website for European Elections May 22, 2014:

As The Swans is my personal website, I have put right wing parties on as well to be even handed. But all are for leaving EU membership.

Vote UKIP and change Labour to also have an EU in / out referendum in their 2015 general election manifesto.

Labour is the party of the squeezed middle (average wage around £26,000 - £31,000 - £40,000 - funny the exact people being priced out of London's housing rental and having to commute long distances).


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